Bulk SMS

Aiming at a fast, direct and efficient marketing, GMS uses SMS.net.gr. It's a tool that exploits all communication protocols and offers the ability to send massively SMS messages.

Additionally, the Smart SMS service is included, which allows to redirect recipients to pages of the customer's wish.

Smart SMS

Through this service, you can enrich the message you send to your customers and partners by using "special" links that enable you to take advantage of the huge potential of the internet for your business or organization. Additionally, you receive detailed statistics (per click, call to action, etc.) that help significantly control the performance of a communication campaign and plan future actions.
The service combines the effectiveness offered by the sms service to the potential of the internet nowadays. Essentially, we are giving the opportunity to send a sms message that includes a link with a few characters in which we direct the sms recipient in an environment that we can configure as we want and of course to get information and statistics about them our customers or our partners. This environment can be a discount voucher, cash back at the cashier of the business or even a digital loyalty card that the customer can have at his disposal at any time, a mobile photo gallery product or even product display, a questionnaire or market research.

To see Smart SMS examples click here

This service provides the following:

  • Display as sender the business or organization .
  • Support special characters and Unicode characters (/, ¨, ", €, $).
  • Campaign implementation and optimization for each tool.
  • Single charge to all Greek and Cypriot providers.
  • Extremely easy to use and fast operating environment through Omnicom.gr.
  • Capability of sending scheduled campaigns.
  • Supports Concatenated (long) sms (sms larger than 160 characters).
  • Inclusion and utilizing Digital Loyalty strategies through corporate communication tools.
  • Useful for sending personalized messages.


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