Corporate Communication Management Platform

Omnicom is the most integrated platform for organizing and managing corporate communications, specially designed to be user-friendly and fully functional. The company that uses the platform has the ability to organize, execute, monitor and plan communications, easier than ever. In order to make this possible, Omnicom includes all the necessary tools a company needs to make the most of the following communication channels:

  • SMS - SMART SMS services

    Bulk messaging and the ability to use special links to redirect the user to a desired page.

  • VIBER service messages

    Bulk messaging with interactivity with the user and diversity in communication (photos, links, emoticons, etc.).

  • FACEBOOK API (Beta Version)

    Instant messaging tool from Facebook Messenger application with the ability to create two-way communication.

  • E-MAIL

    There are many ways to reach your audience by email. Who is the most apt of all?

  • RCS (Beta Version)

    Rich Communication Services is a new technology that replaces SMS and includes imaging, video, audio, maps, file transfers, direct purchases, bookings and payments.


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