About Us

About Us

GMS Digital Communications S.M.P.C. is a digital marketing agency that provides innovative tools and applications to enterprises and organizations that wish to invest in their corporate communications and create administrative tools to manage their communication campaigns internally. With a successful presence since 2011 in the Greek market, GMS Digital Communications has managed to be a leader in its field due to the reliability and high quality of services to its customers. The unique characteristic of GMS is that it uses its own technical infrastructure to achieve maximum performance, always with integrity and at a lower cost.As a pioneer in the corporate communications industry, GMS has managed to deliver complete solutions and communication strategies, helping hundreds of companies to strengthen their corporate identity.

What we do

Having designed and implemented thousands of corporate communication campaigns, GMS is able to analyze the needs of each company, create a customer's buyer persona, and develop the appropriate strategies to reach them. In this way, it ensures that its customers receive maximum performance at the minimum cost.

What we achieve

  Evaluation and selection of the appropriate corporate communication tools.
  Campaign design and allocation of resources in each tool.
  Campaign implementation and optimization for each tool.
  Incorporating and utilizing Digital Loyalty strategies through corporate communication tools.

  1. The Culture of GMS

    The vision of GMS is to become a strategic partner for any company that wants to stand out in the Greek and Global markets through its corporate communications. Being fully aware of the ever-increasing need for service automation, quality and itegrity in corporate communications, GMS has set out 5 basic principles on which it supports its strategy.

  2. Disposition for Innovation

    We are always up to speed concerning corporate communications and we develop new services to meet your needs.

  3. Integrity & Technical Excellence

    We ensure the security of our customers' data, while offering reliable services.

  4. Flexibility and Adaptability

    Understanding the rapid development and the uncertainty of the external environment, we constantly seek to adapt to new circumstances.

  5. Corporate identity

    Οur company's communication is defined by the satisfaction of our customers, and we are seeking to invest in it.

  6. Emphasis on personalization

    We believe that corporate communication is a science that needs special management, so we study carefully the needs of each of our clients and adapt our strategy.

6 reasons to choose us

6 reasons to choose us





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